Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brewery Manager! Come and make beer at App store and Google play now!

Brewery Manager: Here is your beer!
Some would wonder what makes beer attract everybody. The answer can be found in "Brewery Manager" as she will teach you how to brew the beer! In this game, you are required to make your own beer step by step.  From picking the wheat to adjusting its taste, you have to decide it by yourself. Come to Brewery Manager and create your distinctive beer taste!

         1) Various raw material options for making beer.
         2) lots of colorful toppings and decorations.
         3) You can take a photo of your beer and share with your friends over Facebook, twitter, and email.




Step 1: Choose the wheat for beer
Step 2: Add yeast and beer flower
Step 3: Add ice cube, mint or cherry to the beer
Step 4: Write a message near the beer and share it with your friends

Be a smart brewer and make beer with your taste at Brewery Manager!

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