Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Burger Shop-Sky Stack

 Burger Shop-Sky Stack! Yummy!

Welcome to Burger Shop-Sky Stack
This is a game app which enables you to DIY your own hamburger. No matter what kind of burgers you want, here Burger Shop-Sky Stack can certainly satisfy you! Prepare ingredients, marinade and cook the meat, Stack the burger and decorate it, all by yourself! Do not hesitate to experience such a great hamburger stack moment!

  • Features:
         1) Various burger options
         2) lots of colorful toppings, decorations and mustard.
         3) You can take a photo of your hamburger and share with your friends over Facebook, twitter, and email.


Step 1: Choose the sliced bread for burger    Step 2: Choose the meat.  

Step 3: Marinade the meat

Step 4: Stack the hamburger!      Step 5: Decorate it with ketchup & mustard

Hope you enjoy the experience of Burger Shop-Sky Stack!

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