Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cookie Shop-Clicker Clack

Cookie Shop-Clicker Clack! Make your own cookies!

Everybody  loves cookies. But how many of you often makes cookies? Well, for those who say "not enough time" or "too lazy to prepare all tools and ingredients", this app is certainly suitable for you!

In Cookie Shop-Clicker Clack, you can experience a real cookie-making situation to DIY your own cookies, such as preparing the flour, molding, baking the cookies and adding toppings. After making the cookies, you can choose the design of wrapping bags as well. All you need to do in the rest is to write your message and give your hand-made cookie to your beloved one. Don't miss this wonderful Cookie Shop-Clicker Clack time!

  • Features: 
         1) Various cookie shape options.
         2) lots of colorful toppings and decorations.
         3) You can take a photo of your cookies and share with your friends over Facebook, twitter, and email.


Step 1: Prepare the flour for making cookies.
Step 2: Choose the shape of molder.
Step 3: Bake the cookie in oven. 
Step 4: Add toppings and decorate your cookies.
Step 5: Wrap your cookies with the wrapping bag you like.


Here is your home-made cookie! Do you enjoy Cookie Shop-Clicker Clack?

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