Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jelly Maker-Mania Splash

Be a talented Jelly maker in Jelly Maker-Mania Splash

In this app, you will be acting as a professional jelly maker. You will be having a fresh and fun jelly experience by learning how to make jelly with different flavor step by step. Your job is to be a creative jelly maker and decorate your jelly art piece by putting on fruits, field mint. Splash the sugar powder on top to make it look nicer. You can also write your own message on your work. Do not hesitate to create your jelly art world in Jelly Maker-Mania Splash and show to your friends as well!

         1) 3 different jelly options
         2) lots of colorful toppings, decorations and fruits.
         3) You can take a photo of your jelly and share with your friends over Facebook, twitter, and email.

Screen shots:

Step 1: Click "start" to make jelly.       Step 2: Choose the jelly powder.

Step 3: Fill in the jelly juice                 Step 4: Decorate your jelly art piece.
Hope you enjoy the experience in Jelly Maker-Mania Splash!

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